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Preparing for a Reading

Wondering what you can do in order to make a stronger connection to Spirit and receive the answers you're searching for? Well, wonder no more. Even if you've had a reading with a psychic medium before, every reader works differently. In an effort to make sure you have the best quality reading, here's a list of some helpful tips.

  • Get a good night's rest if possible the day before your reading. The more rested you are, the more focused the reading.

  • Either shortly before the reading or throughout the day of your reading, take a moment to ask your spirit guides, loved ones in Spirit, guardian angels, and ancestors to please help facilitate the reading and bring through all the information you need.

  • Be open during your reading. Many times Spirit tells us what we need to hear and not necessarily what we want to hear. That doesn't mean the message won't be loving and positive. Many times you'll come away with much more than if you had simply focused on one yes or no question.

  • Relax and enjoy! My intention for every client's reading is that only the highest good of all involved is served. No need to stress or worry while Spirit works their magic!

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